03 May 2011


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Klaus in Adlitz, first night Thursday 04-28 and with his famous blog

from Australia

Rest in Hammelburg - Fränkische Saale

First Friday accident on the highway near Bad Hersbruck - nearly two hours full stop

Second Friday accident on the highway....

Tikro-Treffen in Reihe Tanzwerder-Insel Hannoversch Münden

Weserstein in Hannoversch Münden

Werra-Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Germany

City Hall Hannoversch Münden

Altstadt in Hannoversch Münden

Framework Houses in Hannversch Münden

View from my car window on the River Fulda

View from the Tilly Schanze over Hannoversch Münden

"Sect-Sign" from the Tikro-Meeting

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