02 Januar 2006

Dust dance in the wind

Explore please more on the link from the title....

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Anonym hat gesagt…

> My mysteries under-stand mass murderers like Hitlers as well as the Buddhas like Bhagwans. How can mystical under-standing judge anyone-anything as right or wrong?

"Have no concern for right and wrong.
Right and wrong
are errors of the mind."
-Zen saying.

I hope your move to sell your old dad's furniture on ebay helps to free you of your nightmares; it does seem a step in the right direction, feng shui wise: clearing out physical/material baggage can also = clearing out mental/psychic baggage? And you do seem to have more than your fair share of this, but that only makes you the extraordinarily rich and complex person you seem! ;-))

I also love the bit about: "Doing nothing, spring comes, the grass grows by itself", in the context of the old people's home. I experience much the same thing working with intellectually disabled clients; it necessarily slows you down, into a more relaxed and easygoing (Zenlike?) frame of mind... ;-))