14 November 2007

Provocations with obscene coaching

inspired by an article in the German Journal 'Connection' this site tries to provoke people in years long online chats.....

01 Oktober 2007

03 Juli 2007

Chinnalapatti - South India

Click the Titel to dive in the wonder world

of Jeeva, a young man from Chennai - India.



19 Juni 2007

n0by, the singing Walruss :-)

After years of letters with pictures I'm going back to my root, back to my piano! Mimamai, my woman, behind the camera shows the Walrus:

02 Mai 2007

Happy married life to Nandakishore!

Thank you Zora.

Ananda, n0by and dear friends,

It so happened that I got married on 18th March 2007. It was a surprise for me too. Everything happened in a span of 16 hrs. I was watching like a spectator in astonishment and things fell into the time to fill the gaps. Everything went well. Still I am not totally out of that state.

Events were so rapid that before I adjust to one change another event has happened. I didn't feel comfortable to write an email to anyone. Zora had done the job for me. Once again thank you zora.

At last the maverick found his match!!

n0by I will try to send you some more pics with some real words.


19 April 2007