30 November 2005

Calcutta Sadhu Exhibition, Part I

Dear friends,

Yesterday evening I met n0by in –The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. (Skype)

We went back in Time and Space to Kolkata India on Sadhu Exibition.

N0by is more skillful ‘magician’ and he can do it possible for you too.

from Swedish Friend Zora

09 November 2005

Marvellous Mimamai tames her Monster

All alone, in the middle of the forest, lives a mediocre, mischivious Monster. Monster was not this Monster by birth, but by education, conditioning and the conditions.

Soon after Monster Mom gave birth to her little boy, this beautiful being learned to walk, to talk and to think.

So Mom's little Monster asked itself: ''Who am I?'' But there was no answer inside.

So little Monster asked: ''Mom, who am I?''

''You?'' laughed Monster's Mom: ''You are born as a little, cute, yellow rat, because you came one month to early, and we both had jaundice!''

, understood little Monster, and tells all friends: ''I'm a little, cute, yellow rat!''