14 Dezember 2010

Mimamai, my Market Maid

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n0by, Erhard, Munich 12-14-2010

03 November 2010

28 August 2010

Holy Days: 1. Dresden

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Erhard, n0by, Gohrisch - sächsische Schweiz

04 August 2010

Week Ends with my Mimamai

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Erhard, n0by, Munich

23 Juli 2010

05 Juli 2010

Täter & Opfer (in German)

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Erhard, n0by, munich

22 April 2010

Mom died tonight

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12 April 2010

23 März 2010

Lehrgeld MAHAG

Service Intervall-Anzeige
vor und nach
der MAHAG-Dienstleistung:

"Rückstellen der Wartungsintervallanzeige"

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Tschernobyl Tourist 2010

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n0by, erhard, munich

21 Februar 2010

13 years voyages, pictures and stories

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This week end the winter is ending in Munich.

My effort has reconstructed the site


There my memory has stored in the web
around 13 years – full of little voyages and adventures.

In the left frame you can klick the year.
With each klick on the year the colour
of the site will change and the left frame
changes under the line the table of content

The right frame shows a new picture.
The head frame shows a new title.

When you click in the table of content
in the right frame, in most cases a new
window opens with pictures plus story.

Enjoy the virtual voyages around
our home town Munich mostly with Mimamai.


Erhard, n0by, Munich

15 Februar 2010

62 Years Tonight

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The table for the Birthday Party is well prepared.

erhard, n0by, munich 02-15-2010

09 Februar 2010

25 Januar 2010

19th and 23rd January

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n0by, erhard, munich

04 Januar 2010