09 November 2006

Klaus and Dorothea, South America Octobre/Novembre

Next day we crossed the border to Colombia, thar was a special expirience for us: it was my second birthday.

A huge fifthwheel truck came downhill with more than 60 mph in neutral without brakes, missed me with 5 inch and crashed into waiting cars and came to stop in an taxistand. Causes minimum 2 deads and a lot of wounded persons.

Klaus and Dorothea, South America August/September

Afterwards we went on a real terrible road to the NP of Huascaran. (30km constructionarea and than not really better). In exchange for that we saw a real breathtaking landscape.

19 Oktober 2006


Monday, September 04, 2006

The last word on Osho?

Is this the 'last word' on the 'Bhagavan'? Did he succeed in his 'Ego destruction'?" Wise Kakapibeer and professional story tellers, I mean Satsang sellers, have many World Masters in mind like Socrates, Jesus and Buddha Bhagwan, the purest. This Indian majestic mouth piece preached all life long ''ego-destruction'', and HE walked HIS talk. Hallelujah!...Bhagwan was not satisfied with His terror regime Rajneespuram, His ''taste-of-fascism'', Bhagwan could not enjoy His cult show more than several years with smiling silence. He enjoyed more to destroy HIS EGO creation of the ''10.000 idiots'' - fully under control of His Super-Pussies in Power....

30 years later Bhagwan parrots line up from HIS disciples like Kakapibear. Above all Kakapibear praises his Master alive, the pure blond Buddha Blobdidarmwand. This guy loves to play 'door keeper' - disguised as anonymous violent Nemo -for shitspitual circles. Both guys continue Bhagwan's work of EGO reduction: They reduce people to 'disciples', building up themselves in EGO fulfilment - with or without Rolls-Royces. Even hard times in hospitals Kakapibear sells to his astonished audience as 'karma balancing' - after his certified 'energy liberation'.These kind of Bhagwan disciples, who have reached fulfilment as 'super minds' are always right. They are totally in tune with GOD's Master Plan. They continue the tradition of Great Generals in Guantanamo Gulags. Either you agree and adore them or you better get lost!That's the truth about teachers today. But what happened in Sannyass Cult history, when Bhagwan and his woman Vivek died?"

There is much more at:


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29 August 2006

By an old Daimler Benz through South America

In the moment in the link above you dive through three web-pages with many pictures. These days Klaus and Dorothee are in Lima.

22 August 2006

07 Juni 2006

Jabalpur-Hyderabad-Ibrahim Patnam

Our Swedish Friend Zora from our free n0by-group gathering reports her Spring Voyage to India 2006 with more than 100 pictures.


22 Mai 2006

Enlightenment of Seecow

English/German story about a simple VW-Transporter, who reach after long therapies Enlightenment - as Motor Home.

24 April 2006

Walting - Kratzmill boat tour in Old-Mill-Valley

Klick the link, when you wonna join virtuel our spring boat tour the beautiful river
''old mill valley'' between Munich and Nuremberg.



19 April 2006

Verboten topic notice

Dear Readers,

this Stalin-Sarlo-clone JodyR has in his cyber-jail
already more than 50 people, who like this treatment
of their GURU-GROUP-FUEHRER and his childish
orders inside HIS GULAG #2 after all the other ones
of poor priests politics like Sarlo, Eric, Gene Poole,
Bob Rose, Surrendra, Sackratshita, Schmarrndoofi etc....


01 April 2006


Sarlo-JodyR, the Guru-Experts:

Is this Sarlo-JodyR on his Indian Bike trip from Pune to Nepal? In front of his bike an Altar.

Does this document Sarlo's ''devotion'' for ''religious'' items - nowadays demonstrated in his notorious ranking show, called Guru-Rat?

30 März 2006

06 Februar 2006

Pictures of Kolkata

Click the titel: story and slide show
from our Swedish friend Zora online
with around six MByte foto material.