11 Mai 2005

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Unknown hat gesagt…

hi noby,
love to you and mima this Easter. was a bit bored so thought i'd have a play on sarlo's playground site this am. will attach conversations as gift for fun to you if i can if i can't well no worries
don't forget the chocolate
love always

Unknown hat gesagt…

my posts this easter, just for fun:
"4a. jesus wept!!!
Posted by: "sarahjibhai" drsarahmoore@gmail.com sarahjibhai
Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:25 pm (PDT)

bloody hell, i haven't skimmed the posts for several years and just got a few days worth in the inbox. started reading and then remembered why i stopped reading this list a few years ago as the headache started pounding. i mean, its hilarious and amusing, but has anyone got so much time to be sit and read the soap opera unfolding? spiritual egos outsmarting other spiritual egos, whilst the usual suspects always appearing in multitudinous different forms, just wanting to talk about how cleverly they did or didn't get it in?!!
sarlos list has always been a gas, but eventually you just get a bit too high on the too-much-funniness of it all, and have to go outside for a breather.
happy easter all. take a break!!!

Unknown hat gesagt…

and after the usual wee skirmish: later because i was bored:
"Re: jesus wept!!! - but he also had a sense of humor

ok ok, sucked in...
i told you today was boring...
so jesus had a sense of humour did He? funny that it never really comes through,
as far as all the readings go, He was deadly serious and on a mission from God,
having limited time for fooling around, as His daddy was a big mean old One that
loved all that blood and shit and watching war games on tv sort of stuff. kept
warning them and warning them, and after a couple of thousand years or so, got
bored and thought well i'll start another round and send down someone they won't
listen to again, and see how it plays out. more and funner war games no doubt at

now where i grew up being called a judas was much more fun, at least it meant
you were getting noticed. being jesus was boring cos that position was well
taken. being judas was the only other game allowed in town - it came with a hell
of a lot of suffering, but, heck, that's a lot more fun than always being the
one with the halo on yr head.
so i thought a bit about jesus's sense of humour as a small child. and i
reckoned then the funniest joke he played was giving judas a big old smackeroo.
after all i'm not an expert on ancient judeic culture, but guys playing the
final game weren't usually giving eachother pash jobs as the wolves closed in.
so what was all that about? as i really got into the judas role, i had to start
to laugh. it was all a repetitevely running old as humanity coded signal. hey
mate, sorry you've gotta be the fall guy here and i've gotta be the saint. its a
shit sandwich anyway you look at it, but i reckon you've got the rawer deal this
time round.
ah ok jesus, after all i'm the disciple and you're the master, it really is my
duty. not that i have to like it, 2000 yrs plus of being the nastiest piece of
work in history, plus i have to kill myself and stick around to watch it all,
whilst you get to skive off there back to Heaven, and merely have to bear the
cross of the Karma of it all. can't work it out, but i guess the other disciples
are all losers and softies, so i'm still yr man, or the best available round
here right now. so let's seal this blood pact with a good long kiss, that'll
give em something to think about, plus it'll be the last of you i see for a
while, is my humble uneducated guess....
and then Jesus wept as He glimpsed bloody st paul on the road to nowhere, and
thought fuck what have i done now, i'm gonna have to come back again...
ah well always look on the bright side of life.. no doubt they'll have invented
something a lot more gruesome than crucifixion next time round, can't wait. now
beam me out scotty...

cos easter is so boring usually, unless you spend it with kids and then there's
chocolate involved which makes the whole thing a lot more elemental and brings
it down to that base funny and animal level, where we all get hypersaturated
with adrenaline and endorphins from eating too much chocolate and bickering
about who's is who's who the easter bunny really is and who's got more than me
and why. and then we get the post chocolate hypoglycemic trough, and bitch and
moan at eachother and have little spats and then there's usually tears and
tantrums and then we all go to bed and sleep it off and wake up feeling slightly
sick but very very hungry and the cycle starts all over again...
and the adults have to bring religion into it?!?! boooo--ring..!!!

which reminds me, i'm hungry...
see you later, have a good and happy easter. don't forget the chocolate.

Unknown hat gesagt…

and before i got sucked into last word syndrome again:

"hi all,
this site is very funny. its saturated, like everywhere else with last word
syndrome, but it's funnier than most oos the last word comes with spiritual ego
firmly attached.
at least most of the rest of the internet is just trying for the last word,
without pretending they know it. or the ones that are determined for the last
word have even started an internet trend - post yr last definitive word on life
the universe and the number 42, then go out and kill yourself messily and
preferably take down a few other people that then don't get a chance to have
their last word, and then yr last words can be 'see, told ya so, i was really
miserable, and i wanted everyone to fully appreciate just how miserable i really
last word syndrome starts about age 4 or so. and it never goes away. the truly
pathetic thing is that spirituality 101 course for dummies usually teaches us
all about last word syndrome, in that we learn that we've gotta just shut up and
button it, or fuck off. but the truly advanced spiritual seeker always forgets
the basic course, becuase they're too clever to remember the basics, and
develops a really sad case of last word syndrome. backed by spiritual ego (as of
course being so advanced they've 'done' for wordly ego ego). still here on earth
(where's that again), we're all done for by our egos, its part of the incarnated
game. whenever i'm feeling and playing the last word game, i usually get sucked
right in. then i mostly take a deep breath and go outside and take a look
around, and realise i've just been talking from good old spiritual ego again.
what a bitch it is lol! and it keeps biting me, over and over and over again,
which is the only way that being human, i seem to learn. until the pattern
becomes so obvious that its boring even itself. the only reaction possible then
is to laugh. and start to get a bit more humble again.
so humbly i'll turn it over to you guys to give me a good verbal drubbing for
being such an arrogant arsehole as to try to get in a few words of common sense
into such an esoteric arena.
may the best man win (natch)