30 November 2005

Calcutta Sadhu Exhibition, Part I

Dear friends,

Yesterday evening I met n0by in –The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. (Skype)

We went back in Time and Space to Kolkata India on Sadhu Exibition.

N0by is more skillful ‘magician’ and he can do it possible for you too.

from Swedish Friend Zora

1 Kommentar:

Unknown hat gesagt…

WOW! Who did these photos, n0by or Zora! You really = 'magicians', both of you?

"I was not so much curious to go myself to see sadhus …

(after many visits to India..)


I asked what Sadhus were doing or saying..

Girls said: nothing, they were just sitting and smoking..."

Not so different to my humble sadhu life in downtown Melbourne, Australia?! lol