19 April 2006

Verboten topic notice

Dear Readers,

this Stalin-Sarlo-clone JodyR has in his cyber-jail
already more than 50 people, who like this treatment
of their GURU-GROUP-FUEHRER and his childish
orders inside HIS GULAG #2 after all the other ones
of poor priests politics like Sarlo, Eric, Gene Poole,
Bob Rose, Surrendra, Sackratshita, Schmarrndoofi etc....


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The Truth About Sarlo's Guru Ratings Service

A blog about the questionable activities of Swami Deva Sarlo, publisher of Sarlo's Guru Ratings Service, security guard and center owner for dead cult leader Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). Sarlo refuses to reveal his legal name.
Saturday, June 27, 2009
The Hidden Agenda of Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
Sarlo would be little known if it were not for a website which he created to stop members of his cult center leaving to follow other gurus after the suspicious death of internationally outlawed cult leader Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Chandra Mohan Jain). Sarlo, who refuses to reveal his legal name, hides behind the cult name given to him by the Bhagwan in 1974, Swami Deva Sarlo. Sarlo runs the Osho Samaroha Meditation Center in Vancouver with his mistress of 27 years, Ma Dhyan Amiyo.

Perversely, Sarlo, on his guru rating site, gives the highest ranking to Osho even though Osho ran a manipulative cult whose members have been provenly engaged in an orgy of horrendous criminal acts including the mass poisoning of a whole town, attempted murder of sannyas cult members, wire tapping, gun and drug running, prostitution and voter corruption. Consequently, in 1985 Osho was extradited from USA, put on a plane and refused stay in 21 countries. Eventually, Osho returned to India where the local authorities in Pune tried to ban him in 1986.

Osho repeatedly claimed that someone in his Koregaon Park Pune ashram was trying to kill him. By 1990 Osho and his consort, Vivek, were dead, 6 weeks apart in suspicious circumstances. What followed was a vicious internecine war between different sannyas factions which sought to profit from the Osho name, as well as thwart investigations into suspicious ashram deaths including that of the cult leader himself, Osho.

From this violent background, Sarlo, who admits being a Pune ashram "security guard", has emerged as a controller in the old sannyas network, runs an official Osho center and manages several sannyas discussion lists. Astute readers of Sarlo's lists, which include Sarlo's Guru Rating Forum (hosted by Yahoo Groups) will instantly notice that Sarlo, runs his lists with the iron fist of a cruel dictator. Sarlo bans members who seek to explore the possible causes of Osho’s and Vivek's closely timed deaths. Also banned by Sarlo is any real criticism of Sarlo, his associates and supporters. Unfortunately, Sarlo has stifled an open and honest discussion which some sannyasins actually want to have. Sarlo has incited mob attacks on women in particular and ignored complaints of criminal activities against women by male members of his forum. Sarlo has gone as far to create unfair and untrue accusations against those who do not follow his directives. Such exploitative and abuse behavior towards women is common at many sannyas centers; Sarlo has never grown out of his misogyny.

One thing should be absolutely clear to the aware reader by now: Sarlo’s Guru Rating Service has an unstated and hidden agenda to subvert public and sannyas perceptions about the mafia-like war that has been waged inside Osho's movement for the past 40 years. Clearly, Sarlo’s pronouncements have to be seen for what they are: vicious attacks on anything which destabilizes the Osho neo-sannyasin movement including gurus and former sannyasins who have freed themselves from the tyranny of the sannyas mafia.