14 Mai 2011

Klaus builds my new bed room

547 Kilometer - 69 Liter - 94,14 Euro - 12,6 Liter/100 Kilometer

Neues Lenkgetriebe - km-Stand 34500 am 18.05.2011: 2256,31 Euro
MAHAG - München

Fehlfunktion des Kühlschranks:
Neue Düse mit Lüfter und Ableit-Blech am 20.05.2011: 288,45 Euro
Herr Nußko: Firma www.dometic-service-muenchen.de

Mima, Samstag am 20.05.2011, Saison-Verkäuferin für Erdbeeren

Klaus: Wild Boy on Moped (click the link for his South America journey)

"White Whale" and "Blue Wonder"

The bed is now higher, the spare wheel is fixed at the side, and seven littre gas oil is in the canister inside the spare wheel .

These costly electric motors have been only once installed to move the bed up and down. This gimmic was only once built to impress customers, but was not practikable for daily use.

Klaus, world traveller since 1994 in Africa, South America, USA and Australia - mostly with 4 wheel driving cars (click the link for Australia Blog from Klaus)

Friday, 13th May 2011: Castle Pottenstein, sun in the afternoon

Precious Pottenstein: A castle on the stones

Pretty Pottenstein: A little village for tourists to play and to pay

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ruiz9418 hat gesagt…

The picture of the village is one *snapshot* I remember of my life in Germany. I was 4 when we left.