26 Juli 2011


Heute geht die Reise los. Endlich.
Today the voyage finally starts.

Klaus has packed his Mercedes 911.
Gisi, his woman, will drive with him.

My woman Mimamai still has work to do. She will join us around 1500 Kilometres from here in Sibiu (Herrmannstadt) - Romania.
Her Bus from Munich leaves next Thurday and has to drive around 20 hours for the distance.

Keep connected - hopefully some more news come, when there is an Internet-Connection somewhere.

Yours Erhard

1st night before the Czech-Border in the Bavarian Woods near Grafenau.

It was a sunny day. Klaus drives his "Blue Wonder" with an average
of 50 Kilometers/hour. He found this hilarious place for the night.

First night near the Czech Border next to the village Grafenau.

This day was only a short way: From Grafenau in Germany we crossed the border to Czech and went to Volary. This place is at barrier lake of the river Moldau.

At the Moldau Barrier lake, great Camping Place with W-Lan

We are not as quick like the fire-brigade, but we make our way.

The voluntary fire brigade used this VW-Transporter maybe 30 years ago. Now this vehicle serves a family with two little children as holyday home.

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ulrichthomas hat gesagt…

It is 1964 van more than 50 jears old one