03 Juni 2011

Lonely Honeymoon

Strange honeymoon - travelling all alone after our marriage on Monday towards Bad Rappenau. Some work has to be done for my "White Whale", my motor home.

05-30 -> 06-06: 1290 Kilometer, 215,65 litre, 16,71 litre/100 Kilometer

Like this lonely donkey my days and nights pass in silence looking for food and females. These marvellous creatures don't bother me much anymore. Old age is coming with other adventures.

Germany is so beautiful, when there is peace and the sun shines in spring. Some buildings in ancient villages are more than 1000 years old. The bloody history of fights, wars and murder is felt everywhere. But there is no need to get emotional anymore about these facts, nobody ever changes.

Bad Wimpfen - for example - is one of these 1000 years old little towns. In a pittoresque country at the side of the river Neckar this town looks like a jewel. Travelling by bike the first impression gives Bad Wimpfen with a war memorial from the wars 1870/71, 1914/18 and 1939/45.

Who cares about old wars, when you travel in happiness and sunshine? It's better to enjoy bread and beer!

Nearly 1000 years ago German Emperor Barbarossa lived in Bad Wimpfen. In this age people build the tower, from where you have a marvellous view all over the flowering country and the river Neckar.

But ever more impressive look these old little houses. On the tower a book is solded: "The Herbage Women of Bad Wimpfen" (Das Kräuterweible von Bad Wimpfen). A priest wrote this book in the last century. Again the subject is war, thirty years of war from 1618 to 1648. Bad Wimpfen was destroyed in those decades of wars. But 2011 Bad Wimpfen is more beautiful than ever.

The sun enlightenes the windows in the church of Bad Wimpfen. The classical music of these old times is played in the radio. All these cultural treasures are kept alive. In this old tradition of art and handicraft still in these days people work hard for products in admirable quality.

Coming back from my bike excursion the place for motor homes is packed. Thursday is a holyday. So people enjoy a long week end. But there are enough people, who work on Friday. Problems again with my motor home are not found so easy. My motor home is not built for use but for demonstration only. The VW factory gave this car for free and had the hope, to sell more motor homes on the basis of the VW Crafter. So my motor home was never constructed for sale. But there is always one idiot, who buys garbage. So the problems with my motor home never end.

Just in this industrial area an Atomic Plant produces energy. They cool the fire with water of the river Neckar.

Half hour drive on the high way my motor home stands in the shadow of a huge working machin.

This is the famous technical Museum with cars and aeroplanes. There are two supersonic aircrafts: The Russian Tupolov and the French Concorde. It is a strange feeling: Most cars of my young years, the scooter, on which I learned to drive and an other scooter, on which my first wife with me drove 1972 to Marocca are in the Museum. That's the way to feel old, when these vehicles are in Museum now.

Exactly on a scooter like this I drove with my first wife 1972 to Marocco. I got this scooter for free, bought two batteries, and had no problem all the long way. At the end I gave the scooter another guy for free. My first wife soon left me after this voyage. My third wife works at home. She just called me to ask: "Are you my lovely husband?" "Yes, sure I am", is my answer here at the river Neckar, where I write and listen to the birds.

This is another memory of my young age: NSU Quickly. We played "wild boys on moped" hungry for the girls but not getting into them. So we had to masturbate like berserks. In this moped a willow tree was growing. It is hard to believe: but nearly five decades passed from those days, where the girls drove me crazy.

There are so many miracles in the Technical Museum Sinsheim. So my reports of this place ends with a glimpse on the French Supersonic aircraft Concorde. Like the "Titanic" this airoplane crashed in disaster. That reminds on Atomic Plants. Saudi Arabia plans to build several of these Atomic Plants. Dictators need the most murderous technology.

A big part of the Museum in Sinsheim shows martial machins: tanks and four wheel trucks for fights. Adolf Hitler had a special Mercedes for open country without roads.

But enough is enough! BTW: This guy ended with millions others in our country in a similar disaster like Titanic, like the Concorde, like Tschernobyl. Therefore enough of Sinsheim.

My voyage continues after this exciting crowded place to the river Neckar again. A Forest Camping place by the side of river gives me a break. From my window in my bed I see the river and ships pass by. How relaxing. What luck to share with you, to tell my story in the peaceful evening. Thank you.

The last day of my lonely honeymoon journey I spend in Bad Urach. Again one of these wonderful thermal bathes helps me to recover from my years in the job. On a hill above the parking place for motor homes is an hold castle. These walls root in the year 1000.

Nearby is another attraction: a wonderful waterfall. But nobody takes there a bath.

The sun burns on the car. Under the new marquee there is a bit colder. Sitting there sleep comes slowly. Rain wakes me up. But this doesn't hinder to write in rain and thunderstorm under the shelter of my new roof.

The water falls at the edge of the marquee. But my fingers keep on filling this blog with memories of my honey-moon voyage. Finally the temperature in the car falls below 30 degrees Celsius. But this still is too hot to breath. As "Cavern-Ghost" all my greetings to myself and everyone. :-)

Now it's time to finish this endless story. Here is a last look from the ancient castle "Hohen-Urach" on the parking place for my motor home, the fabulous "White Wale".

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