13 Juni 2011

Old Railway Locomotive

Ananda Sunkappally still works in his esoteric spirituel service.

Retired from my job there is not much to do anymore. These last things to be done should be done with fun. Quarrels are fading away, far, far away.

Our good friend ananda sunkanpally (aghorabhairav) helped me several years with excellent entertainment. The time has come to delete Anand's excellent entertainment from my web-sites.

Like this old railroad engine only drives around for last passengers, my fingers still move to send a nice "Good Bye" to good cyber friends like Ananda down under.

Even these little last lines are felt already as much too much. Thanks for staying together such a long time in our joyful cyber meetings.

Yours Erhard, n0by

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Foto108 hat gesagt…

This is also much of my concern these days: to dump my lokomotive childhood dreams on ebay: http://www.tv108.de/temp/trix_maerklin.html